Small Things to Be Grateful For…

I know this blog is based upon a place that is very near and dear to my heart.  A place that has a great many fine memories. But I’d like to start off by talking the little things I am grateful for each day or should I say each morning.

My Morning Coffee:

I’ve never been that much of a coffee drinker and I can tell you that over the years I’ve tried it but it always came down to one thing…the temperature.  I kinda thought it may be the whole ‘ritual’ of the cleaning of the pots and dealing with the grounds and filters (eww). But my life was changed one morning a few years ago when I discovered the magic of Iced Coffee.

It truly is a heavenly thing.  It actually made me return to the drive thru after years and years of swearing it off.  McDonalds now has a warm ambiance that makes me glow inside but it’s not from the temperature!

I’ve come to have a great affinity for the hazelnut. Large version.  I try to avoid anything artificial if I can so I generally pass on the sweet syrup and take it as nature intended..unsweetened.

I wouldn’t say I was a caffeine addict or that I ‘need’ to have it but there are times that the caffeine boost is a welcome addition to my day.

It’s the little things each and every day that I’ve come to appreciate.  Something as simple as a morning coffee that makes you glad to be alive.